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First Dental Mission, August 2013
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Fifth Medical Mission to be held onMay 8th, 2013
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Results of the Fourth Medical Mission August 29, 2012 (To Test Women for Cervical Cancer)
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Fourth Medical Mission to be held on August 29th, 2012
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Results of the Third Medical Mission, April 11, 2012 (To Test Women for Cervical Cancer)
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De Familia a Familia

Welcome to de FAMILIA a FAMILIA

De Familia a Familia has been for over 15 years the link of communication between birth and adoptive families, with the aim of helping them maintain and strengthen a healthy relationship. De Familia a Familia is integrated by six Guatemalan women and it was consolidated as an nonprofit association in 2009 with the intention of expanding our field of action to more families in need. 


We facilitate the contact through photographs, letters and personal meetings. We channel the donations to Guatemalan families periodically in the form of scholarships, grants for technical degrees for women, basic goods baskets, installation of ecological stoves (energy/wood savers) and ecological water filters in order to contribute to the well being and integral development of the Guatemalan families. 


We also extend our support to families who have been victims of natural disasters and other emergencies. 

Find out more about our sister foundation in the U.S.