Tropical Storm Agatha


In May 2010, Guatemala was hit by tropical storm Agatha.  It rained nonstop for 3 days and due to the poverty of the country and the majority of its people, devastation was inevitable for thousands of families. 
In the lowlands, rivers overflowed sweeping the communities along the riversides. In the hills and mountains there were terrible mudslides taking trees down, rocks and everything in their path, which caused serious damage to people’s homes, crops and infrastructure.  This happened right after the eruption of the Pacaya Volcano, which destroyed many houses and left thousands of people in the central region of the country unable to communicate or to receive help and medical care.  

The funds that De Familia a Familia gathered locally and overseas were invested in first need items such as folding beds, clothing, blankets, shoes, metal sheet roofing, cookware and groceries.  All these items were distributed among severely affected families.