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First Dental Mission, August 2013
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Fifth Medical Mission to be held onMay 8th, 2013
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Results of the Fourth Medical Mission August 29, 2012 (To Test Women for Cervical Cancer)
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Fourth Medical Mission to be held on August 29th, 2012
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Results of the Third Medical Mission, April 11, 2012 (To Test Women for Cervical Cancer)
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De Familia a Familia

Location of Sponsored Families

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On the map above you can see where some of the families we support are located, listed also below:

Jutiapa, Guatemala________ 5 families
Escuintla, Guatemala_______ 15 families
Izabal, Guatemala_________ 7 families
Sololá, Guatemala_________ 3 families
Guatemala, Guatemala_____ 54 families
Quetzaltenango, Guatemala_ 7 families
Suchitepéquez, Guatemala__ 9 families
Santa Rosa, Guatemala_____ 5 families
Retalhuleu, Guatemala_____ 13 families
Petén, Guatemala_________ 2 families
San Marcos, Guatemala_____ 3 families
Chimaltenango, Guatemala__ 4 families
Zacapa, Guatemala________ 1 family
Chiquimula, Guatemala_____ 3 families
Sacatepéquez, Guatemala__ 7 families
Jalapa, Guatemala_________ 1 family
Baja Verapaz, Guatemala____ 1 family
El Progreso, Guatemala_____ 2 families
Alta Verapaz, Guatemala____ 3 families
Huehuetenango, Guatemala_ 1 family
Totonicapan, Guatemala____ 1 family
Chinandega, Nicaragua _____ 1 family
La Paz, El Salvador_________ 1 family
San Salvador, El Salvador____ 1 family
Acajutla, El Salvador________ 1 family